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Why Invest in Classes?



    We have our young children begin their formal education process by attending pre-school and kindergarten this gives them the best advantage for doing well in grade school, high school and post secondary studies.


    So it is for the young pup, Puppy Kindergarten will give him/her the best advantage for developing into a well socialized, well behaved and emotionally balanced dog.  Owners young and old also benefit when attending classes with their new pup.  In a fun and supportive class situation the “door” to understanding Canine Psychology and Behaviors is opened and a clear view into the young dog’s mind becomes quite visible.


    As each owner and pup team progress along, following this initial pathway with its bends and turns, ups and downs, straight-ways as well as a few stumbling blocks the opportunities for communication begin to unfold.  The “conversation” between owner and pup is an incredible experience, as the “human” learns to “read” dog speak in all of its intricacies, they become able to translate their pup’s vocalizations and to understand the nuances and meanings of “Silent Body Talk”.  The pup for his/her part is actually learning English as a second language.  When taught in this manner through to adulthood and beyond, it is amazing how many spoken words and phrases the dog is able to clearly comprehend.


    Through games, the teaching of concepts and fun activities pups are given the opportunity to explore and understand boundaries, to differentiate between desirable and unacceptable behaviors.  Their social skills start to develop through their interaction with the other human and pup classmates, self confidence has a safe place to grow and blossom.  Very importantly the young pup is learning self control.


    Each team is unique, each human and each dog.  At Middle Earth Canine Academy we understand this and thus our classes are tailored to meet the needs of the group as well as those of the individual. 


    In our “interspecies” environment team support amongst all human attendees is very much encouraged.


    Puppy Kindergarten is your starting point, Basic Obedience guides your dog through adolescence and upon completion the “World Beyond Sit” will give him/her the equivalent of “Post Secondary Education”.


  As humans many of us attend up to fourteen years of school from pre-school through to high school graduation, some go on to attend Post Secondary Institutes for another 2-8 years encompassing approximately 20% of our potential life expectancy.


    With a dog’s potential life expectancy to be about 10 years and possibly beyond out of those five hundred and twenty or more “life weeks” to attend a total of 22 weeks of classes while growing up makes good sense for both the dog and the owner.


    It is an investment of love, time and hard earned money, an investment in the life of your dog and in the relationship together you will share and that my friends makes it all so worthwhile.



Marjanna Wornell

Master Trainer



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