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About Master Trainer Marjanna Wornell

Certified ABTA Group Class Obedience Trainer            

Certified ABC Mentor Trainer                                                                                                                         

Diploma in Canine Sciences (Merit of Distinction - JC Biology)

Student Member IACE

K9 First Aid (Coastal K9)

Suzanne Clothier Workshops:

Problem Dogs and Aggression, Relationship Based Training,
Intensive Trainer's Workshop

And over 40 years experience with rescues!







   Master Trainer Marjanna Wornell was born in “The Year of The Dog” with a St.Bernard named Sinta being “nanny” to her and her older sister, has experienced a continuous lifelong passion for dogs. 


   While living with dogs throughout her childhood followed by  raising dogs along with her own children in her adult life Marjanna has focused much of her attention on the  many aspects of Canine Studies.  In addition to earning a Distinction for the Diploma in Canine Science Course and numerous certificates, Marjanna is a certified Group Obedience Trainer, as well as being a certified Mentor Trainer to students taking courses with Animal Behavior College in Northridge California.


   Among her own many mentors from each of whom she has garnered much wisdom and inspiration, Marjanna often speaks of Charles P. Eisenmann and the Intellectual Method of educating dogs he developed and used for well over thirty years.  Temple Grandin whose astute observations led her to conclude that domestic dogs would benefit more if people parented them, (think more along the lines of raising children rather than training circus acts).  From the writings of J. Allen Boone, the educating of dogs is described as placing the emphasis on the mental part of the animal rather than the physical.  The dog is treated as an intelligent fellow being and its capacity for development and expression is not limited in any direction by the educator.


   Marjanna’s private classes are taught using an educational model, think school with advancing grades. 


   The goal of the diploma course she will be offering to students is to give them all of the tools and knowledge they will need to become successful “Canine Educators”.


   The title of Master Trainer is a descriptor referring to the knowledge skills and abilities Marjanna has acquired over many years. If you were to ask what she does she would simply reply “I am a Canine Educator, I teach.”


   Marjanna’s long time dream of opening a teaching facility related to all things “canine” came into fruition with the “Hobbit” house, the dream of Master Stone Mason Joe Thompson and is the perfect venue. 








Marjannd and Timber
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