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Private Training


There are many reasons we offer private sessions and equally perhaps as many reasons why some people prefer them.


In consideration of the individual dog:


A dog may have behavioral issues which are compounded when in the presence of other dogs.


   Very shy dogs may need to have their confidence levels brought up, whether it is other dogs or other people that are of concern to them.


   Overly confident dogs may become too overt in their actions when in a group setting and may benefit from casually being with other dogs one at a time outside of a structured class situation, places where their focus can be held by their owner.


   If there is aggression issues such as may be displayed by a dog lacking self control and behaving inappropriately towards other dogs or other people, or if a dog suffers from fear based anxieties private sessions may be the choice to make to begin with.


   A dog’s behavioral issue may be one that is only a problem in a certain place or type of circumstance, here private sessions allow the owner and the trainer to create a plan to meet at a specific place and time to be able to effectively access the issue and determine the best course of action to assist the dog and or owner.


In consideration of the owner:


   An owner may desire training in specific skills, activities and interests beyond the scope of the topics covered in class or even perhaps in furtherance of some things which may have been only briefly touched on.


   Transport to and from a class or other mobility concerns may lead to an owner choosing to have sessions in their own home and yard.


Some people may just prefer one on one training.


   Private sessions can facilitate solutions for some dog and owner duos, they can also be very fun as we all become delighted with the successes and the outcomes of our work.


   So private training or group training becomes an individual choice by an owner or it can also be a recommendation from the trainer.  Either way it is all about getting everyone to the place where smiles and wagging tails are more common than issues and where relationships grow and life long love abounds.


Marjanna Wornell

Master Trainer







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