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Middle Earth Canine Academy


What’s in a name?


Late fall/early winter of 2014 my husband Ian and myself were blessed with the opportunity to purchase a home of our own.  At first we were looking for a home on an acre or two of property, many were available but none were meant to be ours.


Upon a chance altering of our search criteria Ian happened upon a home on a small lot in the city of Colwood.  When he drew my attention to the property listing it was as the saying goes “love at first sight”!


A beautiful unique older home with a perennial garden paradise in the front yard, a large covered deck in the back where Timber, Ebony and Sadie Bear can enjoy the day in the fresh air yet be comfortable in all weather conditions and oh yes…a classroom space. 

No ordinary classroom mind you, indeed not, it is a hand built 460 sq. ft. Hobbit House.



Built with a passion inspired by the movie trilogy Lord of The Rings which were adapted from the books written by author J. R. Tolkien and with guidance perceived to be directly from “Mother Nature”, Master Stone Mason Joe Thompson with the assistance of his family and friends brought his vision of a life size Hobbit House to life.


To the left of the front door is the “Heart Stone”, a very important element to be included when creating a structure of this nature.  The Hobbit House has energy of its own.  When one enters within there is more often then not felt the experience of being overcome with wonder and awe accompanied with a noted admiration as to the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail with each stone having “chosen” its individual placement.  On the back wall is a tribute to “Mother Nature” and a message for all to consider in their own contemplative way.


More than the incredible beauty of the Hobbit House many may notice the calming energy that can be experienced within it.  It as if one is being drawn into the welcoming gentle embrace of the Hobbit House itself.


In honor of Joe’s passionate vision encompassing three years of his life the name Middle Earth Canine Academy was chosen.  “Middle Earth” brings to the present the concept of a time and place when “nature was less something lived in rather more so someone lived with”.  “Canine” has been chosen over “Dog” as it encompasses the origin of our domestic dogs bringing to mind the magnificent, majestic family dwelling Wolf, the ancestor to all of them and with whom each dog shares 99.8 % of its genetic make up.



“Academy” brings to mind a place of higher learning, specialization and academic achievement.While attending courses and classes with Middle Earth Canine Academy both dogs and humans will benefit from an “educational” model of teaching which offers an in depth approach to learning about the canine/human relationship.  


Marjanna Wornell

Master Trainer



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